According to the research, one in every ten males faces the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is not a common thing and poses severe problems in couples’ married life.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man does not achieve and keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. In other words, he faces difficulty making his penis harden and keeping it in that form during sexual fun with his partner.

It is an issue in sexual activity, but it also affects the marital life of couples and in the worst scenario, it leads to divorce. Moreover, men face the consequences like lack of self-esteem, a low level of confidence, and an unsatisfied partner.

Furthermore, health experts and urologists say it is a severe problem that is growing exponentially with time. They recommend that those with erectile dysfunction take immediate measures as soon as possible.

In this post, you will learn the causes of erectile dysfunction which is one of the main male sexual problem and different treatment methods to overcome this severe disease. Hence, you will have a happy marital life and as much sexual fun with your partner as you want.


Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that makes sexual activity uncomfortable. Apart from erection problems, some of its other common symptoms are:

Premature Ejaculation:

It happens when you do not last long. In other words, when you finish before the orgasm of your partner.

Delayed Ejaculation:

It happens the opposite to premature ejaculation; in this scenario, you do not finish even when your partner has several orgasms during the sex.

These two significant symptoms show you need to consult your doctor.


The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

Ed does not happen; however, some secondary situations in men’s lives lead to erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, erection is not caused by only one part of the body; all body parts work together to keep the penis hard at the start and during sex. Some body parts like brains, nervous tissues, hormones released during arousal, feelings, and emotions play their roles in an erection.

ED physical causes:

Some of the significant physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:

The penis does not trap the blood:

This problem can happen at any stage of an adult’s life when the penis cannot retain or trap the blood that flies towards it during sexual arousal and makes the penis hard. Thus, during sexual intercourse, the penis becomes soft and limp.

Irregular blood flows into the penis:

Some male adults also have other health diseases that cause the irregular flow of blood down to the pennies. Some common ailments that cause erectile dysfunction are diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and hardened arteries.

Damaged tissues in the pelvic area:

Our body works like a computer system. Our body parts take action after receiving a message from the brain. Similarly, during arousal or erection, there are chances of injury in the pelvic area, harming the nerves of the penis. Consequently, the penis receives periodic messages and thus does not stay harder for longer.

Side effects of drugs:

Those patients who are victims of other health diseases use drugs or medicines with side effects. Therefore, there are chances that some of the medications they are taking cause erectile dysfunction.

Age problem:

Research says the chances of erectile dysfunction are 70% greater in older adults than in younger ones. Thus, they might need more sexual touch to produce arousal in their bodies and erection.


Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

In most cases, different events in our lives cause erectile dysfunction. Moreover, when sexual activity is all about getting pleasure and peace from it. Thus, when people are mentally disturbed, they can have a lack of sexual interest or lack of concentration during sex, which leads to dissatisfaction with the partner and erectile dysfunction.

Some of the most common psychological causes of ED are

Stressful life:

Stress during work makes you tired mentally, and even if your partner wants to have fun, you are not mentally prepared, and you fall victim to erectile dysfunction.

Bad Relationship:

Similarly, bad relationships in marital life take away the sexual interest from the lives of couples, leading to depression. Consequently, their brain does not accept sexual arousals, thereby causing ED.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

Physiologists and psychologists recommend several treatment measures for ED. Some of them are:


The first significant step here is discussing your situation openly with your doctor. Do not be shy; explain each and everything. The more you keep things confidential, the greater it would bring embracement to your sexual life and resultantly low self-confidence.

Most of the time, doctors suggest the following medicines for treating ED.

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Stendra

Preventive measures:

These medicines are available in online stores. However, you must not purchase them yourself and start eating those medicines. They have side effects and may make the bad situation worse. In the first place, please consult your doctor and start eating them as prescribed by them.

Moreover, these medicines have side effects too. Thus, if they cause other health disorders, call upon your doctor.

Therapy sessions:

Your doctor prescribes medicine if there is an injury in your penis tissues or irregular blood flow to your penis. However, it can also happen that you are physically fit and, because of external; conditions, you have ED.

Discuss every problem with your psychiatrist that is causing stress, anxiety, and depression in your life. Consequently, you will get the factors driving these scenarios in your life, and thus you will get rid of ED.

ED exercises:

You can also solve this problem in your home if you do not want to take medicine.

Aerobic exercises

It is an exercise that is related to swimming and running. According to health experts, doing this regularly or weekly can overcome erectile dysfunction problems.

Kegel exercises:

Kegel exercises involve the movement of muscles in the pelvic area. First, you need to identify the pelvic floor muscles responsible for the erection of your penis. After placing them, contract and release them every 3 seconds, and do this for 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Vacuum pump:

You can also opt for another self-sufficient method in your home: a vacuum pump.

It is a device with a plastic tube that you place on your penis, and a pump that draws out the air from that tube. Finally, an elastic ring that you extend to the base of the penis. The flexible ring holds the blood pressure in the penis and maintains the erection.


Final comments:

Erectile dysfunction is a severe problem that ruins marital life. Therefore, if you have such symptoms as discussed above, follow as many treatment measures as possible. Because one shoe never fits all, therefore, along with taking medicine, you must make different exercises as well for a quick and natural recovery.

Take these measures, and mesmerize your partner with your sexual performance. For better experience use Renforcer Royal Honey for men. It can easily sort out this problem.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to increase blood flow to the penis naturally?

Irregular blood flow to the penis causes a soft and limp penis, even during sexual intercourse. Doctors prescribe medicines that have side effects as well. Kegel and Aerobic exercises are the natural way to increase blood flow to your penis.

Another way to increase blood flow is by eating Renforcer Royal Honey, which contains organic herbs to enhance sexual strength and arousal and keep your penis straight as a stick during sexual intercourse.

How long can the average person stay erect?

It is subjective, and it varies. Moreover, the average time a man stays erect lasts approximately 30 minutes. However, different people have different erection times.

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