Physics says opposite charges attract while similar charges repel. Similarly, men are attracted to women and vice versa. However, despite conducting thousands of research, scientists cannot tell, “What is the one factor in men that is the cause of attraction in women?”

It is also true that women have preferences regarding men. They get attracted to their physique and build-up, and they make an assumption regarding penis size based on what is apparent to them in men.

Ideal penis size has always been a concern among males since they know women’s preferences regarding the size of the penis. You might also hear different opinions from friends and the internet that women prefer this size for a nightstand and that size for a long-term relationship.

Look! People say different things, but it does not mean they are always accurate. Therefore, to remove your confusion, in this post, you will get a comprehensive answer regarding the actual size that has been the preference of women for decades.

Read it until the end, and you’ll learn which penis length will give your partner sexual pleasure to the fullest!


Does Penis Size Matter?

Women’s preferences regarding the size of the penis are a subjective topic. It varies from woman to woman. Some women like important things, while others may find themselves comfortable with the average size.

A study conducted in 2014 shows that around 85% of women preferred a large penis, having a length of 5 to 6.5 inches for one-time sex, while for a long-term relationship; the average size was their preference, at around 4 to 6 inches.

Therefore, from the study, we can say that if you do not have a large penis, it does not mean you will not satisfy your partner because the length and width of your penis matter. If your woman feels loaded, she will have the next level of pleasure and orgasms, even with an average size.

In one of the interviews conducted on 20 women, 15 believed that size might matter, but the erection and the hardness of the penis make them turn on. Moreover, the interview conclusion also says that a man’s or woman’s weight, size, and height can be a better fit for sex.

Women of small size and having sex with taller people may make their sex painful since their vagina may not be that deep inside. Therefore, scientists believe that men and women of average height will have total sexual pleasure.

Moreover, old people usually face problem in lowering of penis size makes it difficult to act normal in sexual activities. This problem can be tackled properly sing Renforcer Royal Honey for Elders.


Is Girth preferable to the length of the penis among women?

Interestingly, studies suggest that the length of the penis is not everything. Most women are attracted to the Girth of the penis. Studies also say that if women had to pick between length and the Girth of the penis, they would go for the Girth. Because women say that heat or vibration can lead to orgasm, but the Girth of the penis stretches the vaginal muscles and turns them on quickly.

Studies also suggest that the average size is the ideal size that most women prefer. Whether too large or too small, it can make the sexual experience painful or not pleasurable. Therefore, women say that for a long-term relationship, they look for an ideal ratio in the form of length and Girth.


Does a large penis make sex painful?

Women prefer a large penis for one night. Most studies also report that women say that a large penis often makes sex painful because it goes too deep. That is why; they prefer a penis that makes the experience better rather than makes it unbearable.


Final Comments

To conclude the discussion, penis size is a subjective topic that varies among women from different cultures and has different values. Women want satisfaction, which can be from either a large penis or a wide girth.

Therefore, if you feel you carry a small size, women will not prefer you. Look! The penis is just a part of the body, not the whole body. Therefore, how you keep the water flowing in the ocean does not depend on your penis size but on how you treat your woman during sex. Giving them pleasure and satisfaction and creating emotions are the things that matter the most.

Moreover, balance size is preferable among women, not too large or small, or too narrow or wide.

If you have an average size, you will make your partner crave your penis.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do females prefer length or width?

Most of the research studies have a common consensus that 80% of women prefer the width of the penis to its length. They like it if their spouse has a wider penis than a sizeable thin penis.

What are the sexual positions for a small penis?

The Sciences declare that 5.16 inches are the average penis size; if yours falls short of this benchmark, you have a smaller-than-average penis size. Moreover, if you have a small penis, it does not mean you cannot make your partner satisfied. You can use different sex positions that do a lot, even with a small penis. You can use doggy style, cowgirl, pole position, and the G-whiz.

What determines a penis’ size?

Your genetic makeup largely determines your penis. However, other factors like hormonal, environmental, and lifestyle changes primarily affect penis size. Importantly, losing weight takes away fats from the base of your penis, and it appears longer.