Infertility is a widespread issue that is gradually becoming worse all over the world. Currently, it is the sole responsibility of the male, and thus around every six marriages, the leading cause is the husband. Although infertility is not always curable, it may be made better with a balanced diet and way of life adjustments.

However, seeking information on how to raise sperm count and health if you and your spouse are currently attempting to conceive a boy increases your chances of becoming a parent. The man has to get and maintain an erection, have enough sperm in the appropriate form, travel in the right way, and have enough semen to deliver the sperm to the egg for fertilization.

Additionally, some lifestyle choices and herbal treatments may raise the hormones that control sperm production, which may help to promote sperm health and increase sperm count. However, your chances of becoming a father rise with your sperm count since only one sperm are needed to fertilize an egg. An average count of sperm is from 15 to 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. If you feel that your sperm count is not enough to conceive, then there are 7 tips and ways to increase it naturally.

Ways To Help You Increase Your Sperm Health For Fatherhood:

1. Reduce Stress

Relationships, sexual health, and fertility can all suffer from stress. Take action to lessen stress in your life to improve the health of your sperm for fatherhood. Your chances of becoming a parent might be increased by learning to relax and manage your stress. When someone is under pressure, his body goes into survival mode and starts conserving energy. It can lead to fertility, sexual function, and sperm production problems.

Therefore, too much stress can adversely affect testosterone levels by raising cortisol levels. Thus, there is an inverse relationship between cortisol and testosterone levels; as one increases, the other decreases. Relaxation techniques can help with lower kinds of stress, but medication may be needed for severe anxiety.


2. Avoid Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, and Drugs

Smoking cigarettes can negatively impact fertility in men by reducing sperm count and mobility. Additionally, tobacco smoke has increased the risks of infertility, miscarriage, and respiratory disease in newborns. However, it’s never too late to improve the health of your sperm – after just three months of abstaining from smoking, your sperm will be healthier. So, if you’re hoping to conceive soon, quitting smoking at least three months in advance will give you the best chance at success.

However, it has been demonstrated that drugs like cocaine and marijuana directly impact sperm count. Alcohol also lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity in men and can cause problems with libido and impotence. You should stop drinking alcohol entirely if you want to increase your chances of becoming a father and getting stronger and healthier sperm. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption lowers sperm production and can result in defective sperm.


3. Do Proper Exercise

Even if you currently maintain a healthy weight, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle might help you increase the number of sperm in your body. To enhance your sperm production, establish a schedule that you can stick with. Exercise is advantageous because it increases testosterone levels, aiding sperm formation. Overtraining can lower testosterone levels, so it’s crucial to strike a balance.

The study found that regular exercise positively affected sperm count and motility for the 45 men involved with obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Besides the public health benefits of exercise, it can also lead to increased testosterone levels and fertility. Regular exercise is beneficial for your general health and can increase fertility. If you are not currently active, try to become physically active every time.


4. Get Enough Vitamin D & C

According to research, taking calcium and vitamin D supplements has been demonstrated to increase sperm count. It is due to the direct connection between reduced Vitamin D levels and poor sperm counts. Couples with a man who has low vitamin D levels have lower pregnancy success rates. Therefore, male and female fertility may benefit from vitamin D. The essential vitamin can potentially increase testosterone levels.

Vitamin C is essential for sperm mobility and concentration and taking 1,000 mg daily can make sperm heather to conceive a baby. Although the sperm can move more efficiently and with greater attention, the overall sperm count won’t rise. As a result, your potential for a successful conception may improve.


5. Medicines

Man’s fertility and the generation of healthy sperm have been reported to be impacted by several over-the-counter and prescribed drugs. Chemotherapy drugs, for example, can have temporary or permanent effects on fertility. Antibiotics also can reduce sperm quality and quantity when taken for an extended period. However, these adverse side effects typically become no longer in men after three months of discontinuing the medication. In addition, you can use the Renforcer royal honey to overcome such side effects caused by the medicines.

Furthermore, several medications may negatively impact sperm production or fertility, including antibiotics, anti-androgens, extra testosterone, methadone, antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-inflammatories, and opiates. Thus, some drugs may affect sperm count or fertility. If you think this may be the case with a drug you are currently taking, speak to a healthcare professional to avoid any negative impact on your sperm health.


6. Take More Antioxidant-rich Foods:

The role of antioxidants is to help deactivate free radicals that damage cells. However, antioxidants help reduce inflammation, diseases, and health problems. Eating more antioxidant-rich foods can help to increase sperm count.

Some vitamins and minerals have antioxidant properties; according to research, consuming antioxidants can help increase sperm count. It will help boost your sperm count, as higher sperm counts have been linked with increased intake of folates from eating green veggies, oranges, potatoes, and legumes. So, ensure you get plenty of these nutrients in your diet.


7. Sperm Temperature

The temperature of your sperm is vital for its health and strength. Sperm need to be kept cool, which is why it is outside the body in the testicles. These stay cool through proper airflow through the scrotum. Increasing the temperature of your sperm can weaken it, so it is vital to keep it at an appropriate temperature. Good airflow to the testicles is also necessary to create ideal conditions for healthy sperm.

The temperature required to produce sperm is quite particular; thus, the testicles must be cool. The generation of sperm may be decreased by any actions that create an excessive amount of heat. It would be best to utilize only hot tubs and saunas twice a week but try not to use them for more than 15 minutes. Additionally, wearing tight underwear has been shown to raise the testicular temperature by up to 1 degree Celsius. When trying to conceive, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting underwear like boxer shorts.

Final Thoughts:

After reading this article, we hope you found it helpful and meaningful to learn ways to increase your chances of becoming a father and improve your sperm count for better marriage life. Using these 7 tips, you should enhance your ability to conceive a baby and live a blissful life with your spouse. However, you can get such benefits by using the renforcer royal honey products like royal honey for men, royal honey for old people, and royal honey for physical fitness. These products will help you overcome low sperm count, erection stress, and premature ejaculation. Additionally, the renforcer royal honey has been known to help strengthen testosterone levels, reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction, and give you increased pleasure by lasting longer in bed.


Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take sperm to reach the egg?

The average time it takes for sperm to reach an egg once it enters the reproductive system is 30 to 45 minutes. The sperm has to be healthy and motile enough to get the egg and fertilize it. When healthy sperm reaches a woman’s body, it can live for up to 2–5 days.

How many drops of sperm are needed to get pregnant?

Although a male ejaculates 100 million sperm at once, only one sperm is enough to fertilize an egg in a woman and cause pregnancy.

Can a man with diabetes get a woman pregnant?

Yes, a man with diabetes can get a woman pregnant, but medical professionals recommend that the man has to take care of his health to improve the quality of life for both the man and the child. It is because diabetes has been shown to negatively affect male sexual and reproductive function, including reduced sperm production, decreased testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction. However, by using renforcer royal honey, you can overcome such problems caused by diabetes.

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