Every man’s wishful desire is to last longer in bed and outperform his partner.

Unfortunately, most married women complain that their partners do not last long in bed; hence, they are never satisfied and do not experience complete sexual pleasure. Because of such problems, men shy away from having sex with their partners, even if they have arousal because they do not want to lose their self-esteem.

For many reasons, this is making the situation worse for males. Such reasons could be psychological as well as physical.

If you also want to stay in bed, read this secret post until the end. After reading this post, you will be equipped with the knowledge of why you do not last long and how you can overcome such a situation by giving a tough time to your partner in bed through Royal Honey. Moreover we will also explain how Renforcer Royal Honey for men can solve these problems.


Reasons Behind When you do not Last Long in Bed:

There could be several possibilities for why you do not last long in bed. However, according to urologists and health experts, some of the primary reasons behind this condition are:


Erectile dysfunction:

It is a situation when you lose the erection of your penis during sexual intercourse. Consequently, it makes you embarrassed in front of your partner. Some common reasons behind erectile dysfunction are the irregular flow of blood towards the penis, messenger hormones not delivering the right message to the penis, and other psychological reasons like stress, depression, and destructive relationships that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, you must visit your doctor to resolve this issue. Otherwise, you may have to face the music.


Premature Ejaculation:

PE happens when you ejaculate in the early minutes of sexual intercourse. In other words, you get to the climax before your partner does.

It is also a severe problem, and it is on the rise among young adults. Lack of sexual stamina, improper diet, and other physiological and psychological problems lead to premature ejaculation.

Look! I understand how it feels to get your orgasm before your partner does. Because the sole purpose of sex is the satisfaction of both parents, if you finish first, then your partner, and then none of the partners will experience complete sexual pleasure.



Studies also suggest that one of the common causes of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction is anxiety before and during sex. Usually, when you get a chance to have sex with your partner for the first time, you do not want to be embarrassed. That is why sexual performance anxiety sometimes leads to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.


Different Ways To Last Longer In Bed:

Since you have learned the common reasons that let you not last longer in bed, do not worry if you do not last long because of any of the causes mentioned above.

There are some standard practices that when you follow, you get rid of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and you can increase your timing further.



You do not need to get in the car and start driving it. First, you need to do some warming up to make things easier for you afterward. Similarly, during sex, do not start putting your stuff inside your partner.

You first need to make your partner turn on. Put her vagina on fire, and make her need you badly. It can be done through romance, cuddling, kissing, and touching the cunt to seduce her and make her ready for intercourse.

It will make sexual activity more fun, and your partner will finish first before you do.


Squeezing Technique:

Another common technique to last longer in bed is squeezing the penis tip when you are about to get the climax. This requires a bit of practice. You need to control your emotions and stay alert to the finish.

You can also take a break of one or two minutes during sex and take a deep breath; this will help you relieve the tension produced in your penis.


Distract your mind:

Moreover, you can also distract your mind. It is possible when you start thinking of other things during sex, like your upcoming meetings or the things you have to purchase that week.



The above-mentioned techniques need discipline and attention; otherwise, you will not last long. That is why most people prefer an easy way to help them last longer in bed: buying tablets from medical stores.

They do lengthen intercourse timing, but such medicine has side effects.

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Therefore, instead of using pills that contain chemicals full of side effects. We strongly recommend you buy organic Renforcer Royal Honey. It will solve all male related problems quickly and effectively.

Buy it now, and make your partner have multiple orgasms.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I drink to last longer in bed?

Health experts suggest you drink Aloe Vera juice, banana shake, milk, and beet juice daily. However, the best alternative is to eat royal honey, which contains a high proportion of fructose. Fructose helps in increasing the testosterone level and sexual stamina.

What does royal honey do sexually?

Royal honey is a combination of different natural ingredients. These ingredients help you have greater arousal and increase your testosterone level. It also boosts your energy and provides the required sexual strength for sexual intercourse.